And the next steps are (furphy)

Well we had the election and things could be worse not sure how much worse but worse.

However, the fun times are just beginning!

Many have asked me what is the long game plan here what is this all about so I asked the Wolfman what he thought met him for Coffee he, his Pal Sonny had a nice long talk


Note do NOT play Gin with Sonny he dislikes losing.

Sonny had all kinds of ideas on how money could be made from the Good Old Boys from Machinery Row  and now the Uptown Project (Are your streets paved with Gold yet?)

Sonny being dead also had insight on what to expect in the next year or so



Wisconsin State Senator Bob Wirch will retire

1) He is in his 70’s

2) spend a long time in office

3) Time to move on so others can feed

That be


Cory Mason or as some call him The Tick


I can see why. Is there a tax he does not like or a spending idea he is not for?

Now Mr. Mason been in office doing what his masters in Madison want from the Protests over Act 10 to well doing nothing over issues others have expressed over the whole Root Works plan/Machinery Row.

Many has speculated how perhaps there is more to the story of Bob Turning retiring then meets the eye.

Time for him to get his reward!

The Boys in Madison love him he does what he is told

So as Sonny saw things he will run he will win.

That would leave his seat in the Assembly open for a young PC type Democrat kind of person to run for and win that would be


Yes, Mayor John Dickert’s new yes person, Ms Lemke in the past running the 1st CD Democrats now Alderman to make sure Mayor Dickert gets his way.

More interesting was the talking about or howling about the Journal Times NOT backing Dickert for Mayor, many think that was only a put up job to make the paper look good, that they say Dickert knew about before hand.

Easy to find out let’s see if the City moves her advertising or not.

So should be interesting fun and games to see the change over for one set feeding to another set.

Folks, IMHO its time to get the hell out of Racine if you can. You job more and more is to pay for the growing population that needs Goverment programs simply to eat or have a place to stay.

For the Village of Mount Pleasant Mr. Wahlen talks

Today Village Administrator Kurt Wahlen speaks to give the official view of what is going on at Hwy V in Mount Pleasant

link to the show

About the time my questions got interesting the time was up.

Mr. Wahlen was a very good interview, I enjoyed having him on.

Questions I have unanswered for time ran out are on TID 4 in Caledonia and who stands to gain from this the most.

Questions on South Hills and any contacts from the owner of that.

I know I will be looking at Racine Water Board Meetings for more information on aspects of this “Land Grab”

Mr. Walhlen pulled no punches over shared revenue agreement with Racine and if he thought the funds where being used well or not.

More to come on this issue!


The land owners speak!



Read the Journal Times this morning? The story

Speaks to the glory of the plan reads to me of a Press Release from King I mean Mark Gleason vs a news story then too we are talking The Journal Times who’s Publisher Mark Lewis is part of Racine County Economic Economic Development Corporation  and as I and many others think, Mr. Lewis knows what to say how to spin the story.

Add to this what other local journalist will do anything to help bring the story of the land owners out? Will WJRN? The J-T?

Can’t answer that all I can do is using my Podcast give the land owners a voice

So today I will have Mr. Gale Ives on the podcast to tell of what he sees is going on

Pay attention your being fucked in the name Development too.

I will post the link to the show when its over


Link to the Podcast


I was shocked to hear Mr Ives say that the Administrator told elected officials NOT to talk to voters. Very sad if true very very sad


Wild times worse to come


Sacrificed to the god of development?


On today’s show I talk about if Hwy V in Mt. Pleasant WI sacrificed to the god of development..
Might the plans for Water/Sewer tossing the Farmers off the land been made long ago?
Has in fact Case Corp made plants to move into this area?

Is this idea accurate “…Highway V project will go through, because it’s been dictated up to the Governor’s Office. RCEDC acted as the intermediary – they are quasi governmental and unaccountable.
Highway V will have sewer, water, and 4 lanes with shoulders. there will be subdivisions and (hopefully) Corporate HQ and Factories there….” ?

How much money might be made by the right group of “Good Old Boys” if this

Who if anyone other the local grassroots Bloggers/ Journalists going to be covering this story? The Journal Times? WRJN? Anyone?

Here is the link to the show today

Hwy V Fights back!



Today’s show will talk about efforts to resist what some residents are calling underhanded and perhaps illegal acts to run Water/Sewer from the City of Racine to Hwy V in Mount Pleasant WI.

I am planning to have members of what I call the resistance on this show so I thought some background might be nice. This will be set up over the next few days.
Very interesting too, is how looks like more and more the tax payers are on the hook for projects they do not benefit from.

I have lots of questions to ask.

Is Mt Pleasant paying for Water/Sewage  T.I.D. 4 in Caedonia

If so how does that benefit them?

Are the Open Records laws being followed

Why might a 4 lane High way be needed?

Is anything behind speculation of Case Moving to this area?

Did the City of Racine have anything to do with this idea? If so who?

A Link to the podcast

Good News For me!

Yes I Good Folks am back on the “air” via Blog  Talk Radio with a 30 min show!

Here is today’s show

So will not be doing more then background on the Podcasts here with of course the links to that show!

Oh the fun Oh the joy!

Not a writer I know that you know that hell my Dog knows that.

So we do what we do best! Podcasting!


From time to time Furphy will be covered here and guest postings will show up but the primary platform of covering the news will be the podcast.


Have a great day and is there an election in the City of Racine? Can’t we just call Dickert the winner now and save some time?





Such a nice day out today, so I took the opportunity to check with thee pack that runs with our Wolfman to get the lowdown on furphy going on in the Fair City of Racine.

Out of the box is the overwhelming disgust on the reports on what the Emails that are alleged to have wording that in the year 2015 not be in use none the pack have talked to nor I can think of any reason the N Word be used by a elected official, worse just think of the number of others outside of The City of Racine that  now believe, perhaps justifiably so that many of our leaders are racist pigs. How nice that will be for the image of this City.

Next up is speculation that our Mayor will have members of the RPD at the next Meeting of our Alderman to insure that members of the public do not ask questions of what might be in the emails in question or ask about campaign donations that could have been illegal

Another interesting question others have asked me is what should they do. I advised them to contact their State Reps other then Rep Mason who is IMHO joined at the hip with the issues on the Root River, should NOT be trusted, also thought that the GAB be contacted.

One of the pack talked of talking to the IRS who could be very interested in this issues and raise some well questions of their own.

Are you not glad that John Dickert is our Mayor?